Using ‘R’ in Sports Betting Analysis

Gaining a significant amount of edge in the field of sports betting often boils down to the ability of the sports bettor to carry out some intelligent data analysis. However, considering the volume of data that we’re often inundated with these days, it can get pretty difficult to figure out where to actually begin! If all this sounds familiar to you, you should use R, a highly popular statistical programming language which is widely employed in the field of data analysis. It could actually be what you had always been looking for!

What’s meant by R?
R is actually a highly popular statistical programming language, which is used for visualisation and analysis of data. Agreed that this may sound slightly intimidating to you in the beginning, but once you delve deeper into it, you’d find that it isn’t as dangerous as it appears to be! This programming language was created by two esteemed professors hailing from New Zealand, who basically wanted to build an intuitive statistical platform which could be used by their students for slicing and dicing of data, and in creation of interesting visual presentations, for instance, 3-D graphs.
As it’s a relatively simple programming language, that has an endless scope with regard to its applications, R has rapidly emerged as one of the most regularly used tool by the brightest data scientists and statisticians throughout the world. If you require any major proof, you should know that Facebook also uses R for statistical analysis of various status updates. Furthermore, a large number of complicated word clouds that you see on the Internet actually have R behind them!
What more, there are thousands of different user created libraries, meant to enhance the functionality of R, considering the fact that successful sports betting actually comes down to an individual’s ability of carrying out effective data analysis. Many different R packages are being created for implementing various betting-related strategies and analysis.
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